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Zentrum für Infektionsmanagement und Hygiene GbR


The Zentrum für Infektionsmanagement und Hygiene GbR provides solutions for the practical application of legal regulations in the areas of general hygiene, hygiene and environmental medicine, as well as reorganization and economic optimization of the diagnosis of infectious diseases and the use of antibiotics. After evaluation of your practice or company, the most suitable solutions for your given situation will be proposed in a personal conversation. The following services ca be requested:


Hospital Hygiene and Infection Management



  • technical advice and participation in the local hygiene commission meeting 
  • technical advice of managers concerning hygiene-relevant matters, such as
    • advice about the hygienic aspects of construction and/or renovation of clinical wards
    • advice about the hygienic aspects involved in purchasing instruments and materials
  • technical advice for clinics concerning hospital hygiene
  • advice on establishing hygiene plans
  • support in managing epidemics
  • support in recording and monitoring infections
  • support in dealing with the authorities


Infection Management and Economic Optimization


Technical advice for managers and establishing recommendations for the infectiological, hospital hygienic and economic optimization on the basis of software-supported analysis of antibiotic resistance and antibiotic use. 



Practice Hygiene and Infection Management



  • technical advice and practice hygiene recommendations (on-site)
  • establishing hygiene plans
  • technical advice on hygiene-relevant matters, such as
    •  support in recording and monitoring infections
    •  support in dealing with the authorities

Diagnostic Hospital and Practice Hygiene


We perform all analyses fulfilling the laws and requirements of various directives (i. e.) for

  • hospitals
  • establishments for ambulant operations
  • senior residences
  • doctors' practices
  • dentists' practices
  • practices of veterinary medicine

A selection of our services includes the following frequently requested analyses. We are happy to advise you about an optimal selection of measures required or recommended for your institution:

  • inspection of instruments for washing, disinfecting, and sterilizing
  • inspection of endoscopic instrumentation
  • inspection of water samples (tab-, bath-, and dialysis water)
  • inspection of table water machines
  • inspection of water-utilizing machines (dishwashers, machines for washing instruments)
  • inspection of food samples
  • inspection of RLT-devices
  • evaluation of hand hygiene
  • epidemiological clarification of nosocomial infections, i. e. identification of clonality of multiresistant infectious organisms (ESBL, VRE, MRSA)
  • hygienic analyses of surfaces, water, instruments, and individuals


Further education


Seminars on the laws and regulations concerning hygiene in practices and hospitals:

  • for hygienists
  • for doctors responsible for hygiene
  • for medical hygienists



supported by the European Social Foundation (ESF)