Service spectrum


  • 24-hour round-the-clock laboratory testing
  • rapid data transmission
  • comprehensive counseling and consultations

Special services

  • Free provision of sample acquisition and transport materials
  • Free courier service. Our courier service provides rapid and reliable transportation of your samples. The transportation adheres to all relevant guidelines for transporting dangerous goods.
  • In addition, if required, free materials for shipping by mail.
  • Transmission of results from the Medical Laboratory with patient name and medical code.
  • Follow-up requests possible up to 5 days after receipt of sample.
  • Free test result transmission by DFÜ (electronic data transmission) or FAX.
  • Our System Administrator will gladly answer your technical questions concerning electronic transmissions of results.
  • Our sales representatives will be happy to assist you with problems concerning preanalysis or budget regulations, either by telephone or by a visit to your office.
  • Personal visits to your office, for example for a hygiene check.
  • Monitoring of radiological equipment.
  • Regular information about new developments in the field of laboratory medicine via "LADR informiert" as well as through occasional additional publications.
  • Regular CME-certified educational events:
    • "Labordiagnostisches Forum" for physicians (focus on diagnostic topics from experts)
    • "Praxisseminar Labor" for medical personal and physicians (practical applications of laboratory- and hygiene-related issues)
    • "Bremer Labor-Workshop" for physicians (interdisciplinary training with on-the-bench experience)
General information about test results
+49 421/4307-0

Physicians / medical questions

(08:00 - 18:00)

Contact personExtension
 Dr. med. Ruth Hiller-230
 Prof. Dr. med. Mariam Klouche -233
 Dr. med. Jürgen Kunz-356 
 Dariusz Peszko-229
 Dr. med. Martin Sandkamp-232 
 Dr. (MU Budapest) Ilona Trestyanszki-257
 Heiko Werkmann-456 

Physicians / medical questions

(out of periods of service) 

Doctor on duty -520
24-hour emergency lab
Microbiology -540
Follow up requests by FAX

Other contact persons

AreaContact person

Claudia Behrens 

Renate Schnittger

Berrin Schumacher

Anja Speckmann

Laboratory representatives /
practice supplies

Ute Kasper

Martina Klinzmann

Andrea Lütjen

Inga Meyer

0172 9686632

0172 9686622

0163 5803860

01520 932 3294

Electronic data transmission /
System Administrators

Lahcen Akhrechi, Walter Rademacher-204/-304/-504
Tubes / test kits /
shipping materials

Martina Fellermann

Christian Noack



Courier service

Andreas Mahler

Dirk Freyschmidt, Uwe Behrens

-211  /-213

-211  /-213  /-313

Medical laboratory
Marita Sass-224
Quality management
Birgit Meyer-222